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Consulting Services

We offer consulting for manufacturing companies that need to verify high product and process quality.

In addition to quality management, our consulting services also include production excellence and management systems / test process management in the automotive (OEMs and suppliers), aerospace and medical sectors.

Our services at a glance

The core products of our consulting services include content on quality assurance (inspection process management & statistical process control), process efficiency (value stream mapping & Lean Six Sigma) and industry-specific management systems (IATF16949, ISO13485, ISO17025) as well as topics relating to digitalization (inspection process management / manufacturing intelligence

Test equipment management

Test equipment management

Our consulting services in the field of test equipment management are designed to meet your requirements and optimize your processes. We support you in implementing effective test equipment management to ensure that your devices and instruments work reliably and accurately. This is crucial to ensure the quality of your products and services.

Discover the possibilities of efficient test equipment management and contact us today.

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Test planning & proof of suitability

Test planning & proof of suitability

Optimize your test planning and proof of suitability with Testo Industrial Services. With our inspection planning consulting services, you will be able to optimize your inspection plans and increase the quality of your products while ensuring compliance with the strict regulations of the AIAG and VDA 5 standards. We can help you develop customized test plans and proficiency certificates that meet your requirements and train your team to ensure everyone is familiar with the latest standards and techniques.

Discover the benefits of an efficient test plan and proof of suitability and get in touch with us.

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Advice and consulting on statistical process control

Statistical process control (SPC)

Statistical process control (SPC) is a key tool for identifying and minimizing fluctuations in your processes. This not only enables higher product quality, but also contributes to cost efficiency and customer satisfaction. Testo Industrial Services offers you comprehensive support in the area of Statistical Process Control (SPC) to achieve exactly that. In addition to training courses for beginners, you will learn the basics of statistical process control and increase your professional competence.
At the same time, we work with you to develop SPC strategies that you can easily integrate into  your day-to-day work.

Find out more about SPC and how it can optimize your processes and contact us.

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Advice and consulting on lean management

Process improvement

Process improvement with Six Sigma DMAIC is the key to increasing efficiency, reducing costs and improving quality. With our customized solutions, you can optimize your processes and at the same time ensure that the improvements are sustainable in the long term. Get to know methods to optimize processes and achieve sustainable changes and use advanced statistical tools to identify the actual causes of problems and develop targeted solutions.

Learn more about Six Sigma DMAIC and how it can revolutionize your processes. Contact us to work together on innovative solutions and take your processes to a new level.

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Quality management systems

Quality management is the key to customer satisfaction and compliance with legal regulations. Testo Industrial Services is at your side in the area of quality management systems to ensure that your processes and products meet the highest quality standards. We support you in preparing for audits and help you to comply with quality standards such as IATF 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 17025.

Find out more about our quality management services and how they can make your company successful. Contact us to work together on innovative solutions for your quality requirements.

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Your personal benefit:

  • Tailor-made
  • Standard-compliant
  • High level of expertise
  • Structured approach

Your advantage: Our competence

  • Holistic (digitized) inspection process management including proof of suitability of inspection processes according to VDA Volume 5 (measurement system analysis, MSA), inspection planning and statistical process control
  • Advice on risk-appropriate safeguarding within the testing process management in accordance with VDA Volume 5
  • Supplier audits to demonstrate the competence of calibration laboratories
  • Consulting on quality management systems such as IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 17025

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Consulting Services

If you have any questions regarding our consulting services or the scope of our consulting offer, please contact Dr.-Ing. Philipp Jatzkowski, Anika Zart or Romina Helmle.

Portrait von Philipp Jatzkowski

Dr.-Ing. Philipp Jatzkowski

Senior Manager Consulting Services

Portrait von Consulting Services Ansprechpartnerin Romina Helmle

Romina Helmle

Junior Consultant

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We support you in your projects and are committed to your goals. Here you will find an excerpt from the references of our successful projects.

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