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On-site calibration

We calibrate your test equipment on your premises with professional competence and high-precision equipment. Our technicians and engineers are on duty for you throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

We from Testo Industrial Services come directly to you on site and guarantee here too - more service and more security with our full-service performance.

  • You cannot do without your test equipment?
  • Do you need maximum availability of your test equipment?
  • Do you need short lead times?

We calibrate your test equipment directly on site. Our comprehensive range of services enables us to perform traceable ISO/factory calibrations as well as accredited calibrations according to  ISO/IEC 17025:2017 at your site.

Our technicians directly at your plants

Calibration of test benches & stationary equipment

For safe processes and procedures, you need measurement technology whose accuracy and reliability you can trust. Regular calibration is a prerequisite for the quality of your products and systems. We at Testo Industrial Services calibrate all quality-relevant measuring points directly at your sites.

  • Calibration of stationary equipment in a GxP regulated environment
  • Calibration of environmental simulation chambers
  • Calibration of all quality-relevant measuring points on your stationary systems, e.g. test bench for e-drives
Humidity calibration

Dataloggers for environmental conditions

We take over the calibration of your humidity and temperature loggers directly at your site and thus ensure some advantages for you.

  • No recording gaps and no downtime
  • No transport costs
  • Low administrative effort
Temperature test chambers

Performance testing of temperature and climatic chambers

In addition to your loggers and test benches, we can calibrate everything from small temperature test chambers to large climate chambers for environmental testing (e.g. from the automotive sector) with the help of our trained technicians and engineers.

  • Calibration of individual measuring points
  • Performance testing of the temperature/climate chambers
  • Verification of additional properties e.g. Inhomogeneity, stability of the characterisation of the cabinet and possible effects on the test material in the cabinet)
  • UKAS accredited from -40 to 200°C / 82°C Td (min. 20°C / 20%rh, max. 85°C / 95%rh)
Mechanical calibration of a scale with weight

Weighing Machines

The accuracy and verification of the measured value of weighing scales plays an important role in many areas of industry. We offer calibration of weighing scales and balances up to 120kg. 
For this purpose, our laboratories are equipped with two different types of reference:  

F1 weights up to 22kg and M1 weights up to 110kg

We specialise in the following types of weighing devices:

  • Weighing machines / scales : up to max. load of 110 kg
  • Precision balances / scales : up to max. load of 20 kg
  • Spring balances / scales
Calibration in the laboratory

Our innovations

We are constantly developing for you and expanding our scope of services in the field of on-site calibration. Here you will find a small selection of our new products.

Our innovations
Calibration of a stationary pharmaceutical production plant

GMP-compliant calibration

In order to be able to fulfil your metrological tasks in the GxP regulated environment, we have more than 4,500 references and measuring systems at our disposal and thus cover almost all pharmaceutically relevant measured variables. Our GxP Services team with more than 250 engineers, technicians and skilled workers in Europe knows the relevant standards and specifications exactly and supports you with know-how, the appropriate equipment as well as personnel resources to help you with your calibration tasks at peak times or on a long-term basis.

Scope of services of our measurands at a glance for your on-site calibration



In addition to standard electrical measuring equipment, we also calibrate your high-frequency measuring equipment and specialise in EMC measurement technology and high-precision reference equipment.



In addition to humidity, temperature, surface temperature and light intensity, the measurand specialises in high-quality reference standards.



Specialised in the calibration of pressure is also part of the calibration scope of the measurand.

Success stories

We support you in your projects and are committed to your goals. Here you will find an excerpt from the references of our successful projects in the field of electrical engineering. Calibration at all European production sites and R&D departments on site leads to an increased and uniform quality standard for all production sites at the Weidmüller Group. 

Reference Weidmüller

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Discover our comprehensive service portfolio. As a full-service provider in the field of measurement technology, we are your optimal calibration service provider.