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Calibration of thermodynamic measurands

Calibration of simple temperature and humidity measuring instruments up to highly accurate reference standards - the thermodynamic laboratory of Testo Industrial Services calibrates at standard points up to fixed points of the ITS-90.

Thermodynamics is a branch of physics and deals with the laws of heat, volume, pressure and temperature and their relationship to energy and work. The measurement of thermodynamic parameters plays a quality-assuring role in almost every industrial sector.  

Testo Industrial Services is the expert for the calibration of thermodynamic measuring instruments. Our thermodynamic laboratory is characterised not only by the lowest measurement uncertainties but also by a comprehensive portfolio for the calibration of the measurands temperature and humidity. 

Your advantage: Our competence

  • Wide measuring ranges with lowest measurement uncertainties
  • Primary humidity generator for smallest measurement uncertainties in Europe
  • Calibration of reference standards and fixed point cells in our primary laboratory


Insight into our thermodynamic laboratory

Our thermodynamic laboratory is characterised not only by the lowest measurement uncertainties, but also by a comprehensive portfolio for the calibration of the measurands temperature and humidity. Convince yourself of our extensive service portfolio. 

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The measurement of temperature plays a decisive role in almost every industry. Therefore, the calibration of the temperature measuring devices used, such as data loggers, thermal imaging cameras, immersion sensors, thermocouples, etc., is essential. 

In the Testo Industrial Services Group, you can select the appropriate calibration points for your measuring instrument individually according to your quality requirements. With the lowest measurement uncertainties, we calibrate in a range from -196 ˚C to 1200 ˚C. All electronic temperature measuring instruments, resistance thermometers and thermocouples are calibrated in the liquid basin or in the tube furnace with a sodium heat pipe as well as in our modern temperature cabinets.

For this purpose, we are UKAS accredited for a large part of the measurement procedures according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017. 

Calibration of temperature measuring instruments in the dip tank

In the field of temperature we are specialized in the following measuring instruments: 

  • Glass thermometer 
  • Data logger, measuring transducer 
  • Block calibrators 
  • PT100, thermocouple, NTC 

Surface temperature

In addition to the classic temperature measuring devices, measuring devices are used in companies to check the surface temperature. Testo Industrial Services as an accredited calibration laboratory has the competence to calibrate surface temperature probes and sensors by contact or non-contact. The accredited calibration facility of Testo Industrial Services sets new standards in the calibration of surface sensors

In the field of contact surface measurement, we calibrate cross band probes, mushroom cap probes or other special probe designs. Unique here is the accredited calibration according to  ISO/IEC 17025:2017. 

Non-contact surface temperature measurements are made during the calibration of, for example, thermal imaging cameras and pyrometers. For this purpose, we have several black liquid emitters and are accredited in the range of -18°C to 350°C. 

Calibration in the range of the surface temperature

In the field of surface temperature, we are specialised in the following measuring instruments: 

  • Thermal imaging cameras 
  • Infrared measuring devices 
  • Pyrometer 
  • Surface temperature sensor 


The exact calibration of moisture measuring instruments requires the highest metrological know-how. The accredited humidity laboratory of Testo Industrial Services has one of the best measurement uncertainties in Europe, with an accuracy of 0.2 %RH in a measurement range of 5 to 95 %RH (-20 ...  95 ˚C).  

Calibrations are offered in various humidity generators such as the Huminator (two-quantity generator), 2pressure/2temperature humidity generator as well as in the climatic chamber. With the addition of a new primary humidity generator, the thermodynamics laboratory of Testo Industrial Services is completed by a further measuring system. In addition to capacitive and resistive humidity measuring instruments/data loggers/transmitters, high-precision reference standards such as dew point mirrors and dew point transmitters can also be calibrated. 

Calibration in the humidity generator

In the field of humidity we are specialised in the following measuring instruments: 

  • Dew point mirror 
  • Electronic/mechanical hygrometers 
  • Humidity data logger 
  • Transmitter 
  • Psychrometer 
  • Pressure Dew Point Meter 

Primary laboratory temperature

In the thermodynamic primary laboratory of Testo Industrial Services, we calibrate your high quality reference standards at the highest metrological level. These include, for example, temperature fixed point cells, resistance thermometers (SPRT), precious metal thermocouples or dew point mirrors.  

With the extension of a primary humidity generator, the thermodynamics laboratory of Testo Industrial Services is completed by a further measuring system. This allows us to offer highly accurate calibrations of moisture meters. The primary standard enables the fully automated presentation of stable and reproducible humidity values in a wide measuring range from 5 to 95% rH (-25 to 95°C frost/dew point) with the smallest measurement uncertainties in Europe. 

The metrological connection is realized via the standards of the PTB. The minimal measurement uncertainties are the result of many years of experience in temperature and humidity measurement technology and a unique interweaving of our accredited measurement variables pressure, temperature, humidity, flow and electrical. 

Water triple point cell in the primary laboratory for thermodynamic measurands

In our primary laboratory we are specialized in the following measuring instruments: 

  • Fixed point cells 
  • Resistance thermometer 
  • Thermocouples 
  • Dew point mirror / hygrometer 
  • Humidity sensors  

Light intensity

In the field of occupational safety, the measurement of luminous intensity plays a decisive role, because good working conditions are paramount. This also includes checking the lighting conditions at the workplace. Therefore, luminous intensity meters are used in almost all industries. 

Testo Industrial Services has the competence to perform calibrations of luminous intensity meters in a measuring range from 0 to 10,000 Ix. 

Measurement of luminous intensity

In the field of luminous intensity, we are specialised in the following measuring instruments: 

  • Lux probes  

Success stories

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Our know-how summarised for you:  In our Knowledge Centre you will find helpful know-how from our experts on thermodynamic calibration or dive into an interesting technical article on the subject of calibrating high-precision reference standards. 

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