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The pressure calibrator and precision measuring instrument Pneumator can be usedboth stationary (in the laboratory) and mobile as a calibrator for pressure, differential pressure and gauge pressure measurements and combines the highest accuracies with reliable battery operation

The Pneumator can be used flexibly as a calibrator or precision measuring instrument , both stationary (in the laboratory) and mobile. Thus, the Pneumator serves both as a reference measuring device (with whose value the test specimen is compared) and as a pressure transducer. You can choose between 4 types with a pressure range of 1, 10, 100 or 1000 hPa. These various operating modes are available: Calibration, relative and differential pressure measurement, flow measurement and volumetric flow measurement. The differential pressure sensor used for this purpose operates absolutely wear-free, has long-term stability and is overload proof.

Your advantage: Our competence

  • Highest precision in the lower Pa range and high zero point stability through automatic adjustment
  • Fast provision of differential and relative pressures
  • Programmable pressure sequences
  • Highest accuracies with reliable battery operation
Differential pressure measurements on clean room filters with the pressure calibrator Pneumator

Functionality of the Pneumator

During a differential pressure calibration, highly accurate measuring instruments are checked. At the same time, our pressure calibrator serves you as a reference measuring device as well as a pressure transmitter. The pressure value of the internal pump is regulated extremely quickly and accurately.

In addition to differential pressure measurements, the Pneumator is also the optimal calibrator for checking a relative pressure. Here, the precision of the Pneumator is particularly relevant to the quality of the measurement of small overpressures. For example, in the case of glove boxes (insulators), which must have a certain overpressure relative to the surrounding space in order not to become contaminated, the overpressures are relevant to a greater extent.

For the medical field, the Pneumator has another decisive advantage. In addition to the pressure measurement, the flow and the volumetric flow in the air duct can also be checked for the clean room measurements that occur, thus ensuring the high requirements for the stability of the measurement.

Information about the Pneumator

Here you will find the technical data and the operating instructions as well as the brochure of the pressure calibrator Pneumator.