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Screenshot of the UKAS Accreditation certificate


New Year – New extension to our UKAS Schedule.

Thanks to your feedback we have further developed our service portfolio to meet the growing needs of our clients. 
This latest extension to our scope of accreditation will allow us to offer enhanced calibration for various types of temperature probes and humidity devices including thermocouples, resistance probes, hygrometers, dataloggers and humidity probes. 

The new accredited ranges we are now able to offer are:

  • Calibration of humidity devices:
    0 °C to 70.0 °C, 10 to 95 % RH 
  • Calibration of temperature probes in liquid baths 
    New service -90 °C to 200 °C
  • Also, improvements in measurement uncertainty in the field of temperature & pressure (laboratory calibration and onsite calibration) 

To get a detailed overview off our extensions please click to visit our UKAS accreditation. 

UKAS accreditation