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Calibration of flow measurement variables

In our calibration laboratory for flow measurement variables, we carry out manufacturer and media-independent calibrations of gaseous and liquid media as well as flow velocity.

Industrial flow measurement is becoming increasingly important due to requirements for consistent product quality as well as safety, process optimisation and environmental protection. Due to the wide range of flowmeters, measurement methods and media, standardisation of measurement technology is rare. Consequently, an individual solution is also required for calibration.

From test stand design to software development - highly specialised flow experts with years of experience have built up the flow laboratory of Testo Industrial Services with the highest level of know-how. The versatility of flowmeters used in industry requires a wide range of test rigs and calibrators. Nine specially designed liquid and gas calibrators guarantee you rapid calibration of different flow rates and media. In addition to calibration, we also offer adjustment, programming, linearisation, configuration with original manufacturer software as well as extensive testing possibilities for prototypes. With our open wind tunnel, we are also able to carry out accredited calibration for flow velocity.

We are also specialized in the calibration of Testo volume flow hoods thanks to the many years of experience of the entire Testo Group. High-precision measuring methods ensure reliable measured values during calibration.

Your advantage: Our competence

  • Manufacturer-independent: no dependencies and absolute neutrality
  • Medium independent: Your process fluid in our calibrators
  • Countless adaptation possibilities (if necessary special designs according to your requirements)
  • Perfect quality assurance through overlapping measuring ranges of our calibrators
  • Accredited for all three measured variables in the area of flowing media

Our innovations:

  • Calibration of smallest liquid flow rates
  • Coming soon: Circulation test bench - expansion calibration of water up to >300m3/h

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In a wide variety of industries, flow measurements of liquids directly determine production operations and quality. Testo Industrial Services has six specially designed test benches that enable calibration of flow meters for liquids from 0.15 ml/min to >300m3/h. We can use adaptations up to a nominal diameter of DN 80 for calibration.

In order to be able to simulate your process almost perfectly during calibration, we generate a calibration liquid with the identical viscosity as you find in your process, or we can also use your own adaptation options. This ensures that the measurement results you find on the calibration certificates can be transferred one-to-one into your process. In addition to water, calibration can therefore also be carried out with alcohol or various oils, for example. Our highly specialized personnel will generate the viscosity of your individually used fluid according to your requirements from 0.8 mm²/s to 1,600 mm²/s or use your process fluid in our calibrators. In addition to calibration, we also offer to carry out any necessary adjustments.

Calibration of flow meters on the water test bench

In the field of flow of liquids we are specialized in the following measuring instruments:

  • Gear counter
  • Oval Wheel Meter
  • Spindle flow meter
  • Piston flow meter
  • Swash plate
  • Turbine and impeller flow meters
  • Ultrasonic flowmeter
  • Coriolis flow meter


The determination of flow for air and inert gases plays a decisive role in many industrial sectors and is often used directly for quality assurance measures.

Testo Industrial Services can calibrate your flow meters for gases from approx. 1 ml/min up to 900 m3/h with a measurement uncertainty of up to 0.22 % of MW. We can optionally use the adaptations used in your process. Our test rigs are based on the technology of laminar flow elements (LFE), critical nozzles or piston displacers.

The different procedures and designs of our test benches enable, among other things, calibrations for flow meters with a strong pressure dependency. Maximum inlet pressures of up to 14 bar can be achieved. It is also possible to calibrate with gases other than air. In addition to calibration, the performance an adjustment is possible if necessary.

Calibration of gases in the flow laboratory

In the field of gas we are specialized in the following measuring instruments:

  • Piston flow meter
  • Gas clocks
  • Turbine and impeller flow meters
  • Thermal mass flow meters
  • Laminar Flow Elements (FLE)
  • Leak calibrators
  • Leak detector

Flow velocity

In a specially developed wind tunnel, Testo Industrial Services calibrates your flow measuring instruments using the most accurate and reliable flow measuring method - laser Doppler anemometry (LDA). This LDA measuring method is characterized by its contactless and thus interference-free measurement, so that a high measuring accuracy of the respective measured flow velocity can be guaranteed. Flow probes of different types can be calibrated in this channel from 0.1 to 68 m/s with a measurement uncertainty of 0.5%.

If technical gases, liquids or even compressed air are used in companies, precise recording of consumption by means of various volumetric flow meters is essential. In another specially designed wind tunnel, Testo Industrial Services calibrates volumetric flow meters with up to 1800 m3/h.

Calibration of flow at the wind tunnel

In the field of flow velocity, flow we are specialized in the following measuring instruments:

  • Hot-wire anemometer
  • Vane anemometer
  • Heat Sphere Anemometer
  • Pitot tube
  • Volumetric flow meter

Calibration of volume flow hoods

If technical gases, liquids or compressed air are used in companies, precise consumption measurement using various volumetric flow meters is essential. With our many years of experience in the field of measurement technology through the Testo Group, we calibrate the volumetric flow measuring hood such as Testo 420 with up to 1800 m3/h in another specially designed wind tunnel.

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