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The picture shows a staff member smiling authentically and friendly.

Lived values at Testo Industrial Services

Our special values have developed from our unmistakable TIS spirit. They can be experienced first-hand every day at Testo Industrial Services and have made us successful as a strong team since the company was founded.

Being you

Different characters, mentalities and management styles meet and engage with each other at Testo Industrial Services. That's a good thing - even if it's not uncomplicated - because it creates opportunities and challenges each of us every day. This dynamic suits us. We want to accept challenges and regard them as motivation, not to have to pretend, but above all to remain authentic in our work. Responsibly, we all support the same cause and help achieve it together. 

You in the team

Openness and transparency form the basis of every functioning team. Working as a team gives us support and flexibility and offers us the opportunity to achieve more together. We are emotional, but never lose respect for each other. Our actions are binding and reliable. With this team spirit we shape our successful future together and thus the successful future of the company. Testo Industrial Services - More service, more safety! 

You live service

Our team is completely and emotionally committed to service and our clients experience this passion firsthand. We find individual solutions and continuously develop our services in close cooperation with our customers. Ideas and constant improvements are in demand and fall on open ears - we look beyond the edge of normal. The quality of our performance is our promise and the success factor of Testo Industrial Services.