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Clean room environment in a medical technology company

Outsourced processes in medical technology

According to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 13485, outsourced processes must be considered in the quality management of a medical device manufacturer. Efficient supplier management is essential to meet this requirement.  

In the standard DIN EN ISO 13485 for the  medical technology specifies that the quality management of a medical device manufacturer must be extended to outsourced processes. This is to ensure that suppliers involved in one or more phases of the life cycle of a medical device also meet the regulatory requirements. This is done by monitoring, maintaining, and controlling the external processes. Since the supply chains of medical device manufacturers now often include many partner companies, efficient supplier management is essential in order to meet this requirement.


Effective supplier management

Effective supplier management can be divided into four stages: Supplier evaluation, supplier qualification, supplier selection and supplier monitoring. Special tools are available in each area. For example, a supplier questionnaire, certificates and accreditations, references, on-site audits and a quality assurance agreement can be considered and used to qualify a supplier. 
By taking such a pragmatic approach to supplier management with a multi-level implementation, you can more easily keep track of compliance with regulatory requirements and successfully manage your actions. 
Overview of regulations, standards and guidelines: 

  • DIN EN ISO 13485:2016, Chapter 4.1.5 Steering of external parties 
  • FDA-21 CFR part 820, subpart 50 
  • MDR Regulation (EU) 2017/745, Chapter 10 (9) d 
  • EU-GMP Guideline, Part 1, Chapter 7 

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