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A hand is putting a weight onto a scale.


NEW SERVICE: Calibration of weighing scales and precision balances.

Whether high-resolution laboratory or load-bearing industrial scales, whether at your premises or via dispatch to our calibration laboratory, we offer ISO manufacturer independent certification. 

The accuracy and verification of the measured value of scales plays an important role in many areas of industry. 
We can offer you calibrations up to a weight of 120kg.  
For this purpose, our laboratories are equipped with different reference weights.  
Using M1 weights up to 110kg and F1 weights up to 22kg. 

In the field of scale calibration, we are specialised in the calibration of following measuring devices:  

  • Scales / Balances / weighing machine machines: up to max. load of 110 kg  
  • Precision scale: up to max. load of 20 kg 
  • Spring scales / balances 
Graphic about putting pressure on a scale.

We typically check: 

  • Zero/Tare function 
  • Linearity, accuracy across the measuring range of the scale 
  • Eccentricity or off-centre loading  
  • Repeatability


More informations you can find here:

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