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Testo Industrial Services supports your company with precision and accuracy in the safe storage and transportation of your food products.

It is not only in the production and processing of food that the topic of quality assurance has a high priority. Even when food is transported to sales facilities and stored there, storage, under correct environmental conditions plays a decisive role. Quality requirements such as HACCP stipulate that all critical points within the entire supply chain must be monitored for foodstuffs. This requires the use of a wide variety of measuring devices, often from the thermodynamic field such as numerous temperature measuring devices.

As part of the Testo Group, Testo Industrial Services has many years of experience in measurement technology and is regarded as an expert in the calibration of thermodynamic measured variables. We offer you test equipment management that is individually tailored to your needs, from calibration in the laboratory or on your premises, through organisation and documentation, to logistics handling.

Our services for the food sector

Full Service for Calibration of Measuring Instruments


We are your full-service calibration provider for UKAS calibrations and ISO/factory calibrations.

Test equipment management and administration at Testo Industrial Service

Test equipment management

Our holistic test equipment management solution for compliance with standards and guidelines.


Collection and delivery service

We transport your high-quality test equipment safely and quickly.

Success stories

We support you with your requirements and work towards your goals. Here you will find an overview of our most successful customer projects:

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Our technical articles provide you with expertise on the topics of calibration and test equipment management.


In our Knowledge Centre you will find answers from our experts to numerous questions from our specialist areas.