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Our services for your industry

With our extensive service portfolio, we serve customers from various industries. In doing so, we know the respective regulatory requirements exactly and can consider the customer-specific requirement. Read more. 

Qualification measurement to ensure your GMP compliance


Highest standards of GMP compliance

Electrical calibrations in laboratories


Quality assurance at the highest level

Qualification and validation to ensure your GMP compliance

Medical Technology

Quality assurance measures implemented pragmatically

Biotechnological and life science experiments in laboratories

Biotech & Life Sciences

Precision and accuracy for safe processes and products

Qualification measures to ensure your GDP/GSP compliance


Minimise risks, maximize efficiency

Strict regulations for energy suppliers and power plants

Energy suppliers & power plants

Strict regulations for permanent safety

Calibration in the aerospace industry


Highest quality standards and absolute safety

Electrical calibrations in laboratories

Electrical industry

Meeting requirements for consistent quality assurance

Calibration for machine and plant construction

Mechanical and plant engineering

Reliable measurement results for your safety

Food production

Food industry

Producing food safely

Food industry


Store & transport food safely

Calibration in selected laboratories

Calibration laboratories

Highly accurate calibration of reference standards

Calibration of EMC equipment

EMC laboratories

High-precision calibration of EMC equipment

Electrical calibration in laboratories

Communications Engineering

High precision calibration for your safety

Technical service providers

Testing institutions / technical service providers

Highest quality for reliable test results